About us 

Based in the beautiful city of Jeffreys Bay, Isla Amorè was established in 2017, inspired by the birth of our beautiful little baby girl, Isla Amorè. This little gift from God was given to us in perfect health despite being born in the car on our way to the hospital.

Isla Amorè bath bombs started off as a mother's way of  contributing to her children's health by using natural products as close to nature as possible, yet presenting them in a fun and exciting way.

Soon we were overwhelmed by interest from friends and family and received great feedback in regards to the relieve of allergies, sleeplessness, restless legs syndrome, colic babies and itchy skin, to name but a few.

The demand grew to such an extend that we set up a small factory at home and started looking for distributors. Out of the first 4 calls we made 3 outlets immediately placed an order and the rest is history as they say!

Our bath bombs are so natural, that you could eat them!   Apart from the ones that contain essential oil!!!


Dear Isla Amorè

My sweet, beautiful daughter, blessing from God. You came into this world in such a special way and has enriched our lives
more than words can say.

Still so much to learn, but I want to teach you that being healthy is a gift never to be taken for granted. Treasure your body and your soul will flourish.

Nature has shared so many secrets with us and I have taken some of the most essential oils and minerals to create these little treasures for you. In every bath bomb I have included magnesium, coconut oil and lots of love. Magnesium will protect you from a range of illnesses. It detoxes and harmonizes your body to keep you shining, my little star!

Coconut oil is one of nature’s ways of embracing you with love. It is very nourishing and moisturizing and has been shown to improve a range of skin conditions to keep you as beautiful as you are.

I hope you will take delight in each specially fragrant bath bomb, reminiscing of past memories and some memories yet to be made.

Lots of Love